House Washers Titusville Pressure Washing & Painting Houses Titusville Florida

Pressure Washing and Painting service in Brevard County serving Oak Hill, Mims, Titusville, Port St.John, Merrit Island

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House Washers Pressure Washing & Painting Service Titusville FL.

HOUSE WASHERS, a longtime Orlando resident now has a new location serving Titusville and surrounding areas including Oak Hill and Mims as well as Port St John and Merritt Island. House Washers professional pressure washing, and painting service is new to the area but not new to the industry. The principals involved in house washer have more than 30 years’ experience in the power wash/paint and chemical cleaning industry.


It's Why You're Here ,
Our residential pressure cleaning service will safely and efficiently remove mold mildew dirt and rust satins from the exterior surfaces of your roof house, garage drive or walkways shed fence

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we offer a fast and reliable courteous power washing service at affordable and competitive prices! You will be happily surprised at how nice your driveways, sidewalks and home look after professional power washing by House Washers professional pressure washing and painting service. You may think an exterior surface needs painting or even replacing when all it really needs is pressure cleaning.

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The basic questions everybody ask!

Every job is different, so prices vary a lot most jobs start around $85-125 for a small area like a small driveway or deck and go up. Areas would be divided up like house, driveway, sidewalks, pool deck, roof and fences. We do give volume discounts so your best deal would be for doing multiple areas .

We prefer cash or check; we can take Facebook pay or credit cards. However, a convenience fee approraite to cover processing fees may be added on top of the amount due

Normally we use the water hose bibs in the sides of your house,
In situations where water is not available we can truck it in, there is an additional fee for the water and delivery.

Make sure all widows are closed.
Because pressure washing uses impact water energy as well as detergent to dislodge a contaminant from a surface all loose items should be removed from the areas we will be cleaning such as a picture, clock, thermometer or anything else hanging on a wall.
Any electronic should be removed or covered by the homeowner prior to the technicians arrival. We can move pool type furniture and grills.

While every effort is made to protect you and your property from damages or injuries I am not a miracle worker so here is the bad. This disclaimer governs your use of James Lowe's web site and services; by using James Lowe's web site and services, you accept this disclaimer in full. If you disagree with any part of this disclaimer, do not use James Lowe's web site or services. (1) Introduction: A). You understand that power washing, pressure washing, pressure cleaning are different names for the same service and that extreme high pressure can be personally dangerous and destructive to property B).You understand that chemical cleaning means use of cleaning agents used to remove stains. and that these chemical cleaning agents can be harmful or fatal to humans, plants, animals, fish, birds, fungi ect. (2) Limitations of Service: Pressure washing may reveal imperfections in surfaces that were not visible prior to cleaning, heavy build ups of mold and dirt may be hiding other problems such as cracks, oil or rust stains, wood rot, flaking or missing paint. In some circumstances the removal of a stain may not be possible or practical, and replacement of surface or repainting may be necessary. (3) Services Performed Disclaimer: Services performed by James Lowe are guaranteed to be at a satisfactory professional level. However, certain negligence on the part of the property owner may interfere with the quality of work performed. Negligence may include, but is not limited to: Securing all doors, windows, screens, light globes, before pressure cleaning services, Removing all furnishings and items prior to pressure washing or painting services, Removing all automobiles from driveways and other personal property prior to cleaning services. Your personal property is your responsibility, so please protect it from chemicals used during cleaning and painting. A).You understand that Pressure Cleaning uses impact energy to dislodge a contaminant and that pressure cleaning creates a wind force that can blow small and medium sized objects that are not secured away or apart, and can open holes in rotten or weak materials such as wood, drywall or other manmade materials. B). You understand that cleaning chemicals can kill plants and fish C). You understand that it is your responsibility to keep your pets and children away from dangerous work being performed on your property D). you understand that chemicals could be dripping off of your house or roof that could damage clothes or cause flesh burns, and may damage other surfaces, items or plants including shrubs, grasses, annuals and perennials .