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Pressure Washing & Painting Service in Titusville, FL

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HOUSE WASHERS is a trusted name with deep roots in Orlando, now extending its exceptional services to Titusville and neighboring areas like Oak Hill, Mims, Port St John, and Merritt Island. Specializing in professional pressure washing and painting, House Washers brings decades of industry experience to the region. Our team boasts over 30 years of expertise in power washing, painting, and chemical cleaning, ensuring quality results every time.


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Discover the difference of our residential pressure cleaning service as we effectively eliminate mold, mildew, dirt, and rust stains from various surfaces. From the roof over your head to your garage, driveway, walkways, shed, and fence, our professional touch rejuvenates your property's exterior.

  • Safely remove mold
  • Eradicate mildew
  • Eliminate rust
  • Remove grease
  • Erase graffiti
  • Clear insect nests
  • Get rid of spider webs
At HOUSE WASHERS, serving the Titusville community with excellence in pressure washing, our expertise goes beyond the surface. We meticulously select the right cleaning agents, tailored to each stain's unique characteristics. Moreover, we've mastered the art of pressure adjustment, employing high-pressure methods for robust areas like driveways, while employing moderate force combined with chemical treatment for delicate house exteriors. Our commitment also involves knowing when force is inappropriate – such as when caring for roof shingles – where our non-pressure methods ensure thorough yet safe cleaning. For a deeper understanding, refer to our comprehensive Wash Procedures page.

Our comprehensive services extend from residential to commercial settings, offering solutions that prioritize your satisfaction. Our offerings include a diverse array of tasks:
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  • Pressure cleaning the exterior of the house
  • Pressure washing pool decks
  • Power washing vinyl siding
  • Power washing wood siding
  • Pressure cleaning stucco
  • Pressure washing PVC fences
  • Pressure washing wood fences
  • Roof cleaning
  • Pressure washing fascia boards
  • Pressure washing driveways
  • Painting: house and pool decks
  • Cleaning outdoor furniture and more
  • Paint preparation

When it comes to pressure washing in Titusville, HOUSE WASHERS stands as your dedicated partner. We've honed our understanding of the right cleaning agents, ensuring stains are eradicated effectively. Furthermore, we're skilled in gauging the precise pressure levels, adapting techniques for different surfaces. Our expertise extends to recognizing situations where gentler approaches are needed, as with roof shingles. A meticulous chemical cleaning preserves integrity, eliminating debris while safeguarding your home. Dive deeper into our methods by exploring our Wash Procedures page.